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  • Deep water soloing - Durdle Door
  • BMC Youth Final 2010 - Edinburgh
  • News years day 2012 - Bondi Beach
  • Chamonix 2011
  • Manly Beach - Sydney 2011
  • El Chorro - Spain 2010
My iPhone and I!1 Deep water soloing - Durdle Door2 BMC Youth Final 2010 - Edinburgh3 News years day 2012 - Bondi Beach4 Chamonix 20115 Manly Beach - Sydney 20116 El Chorro - Spain 20107

About me

French Alps

Since the early years of secondary school I realised that I was born to create. The notion that you can start with nothing and end up with something continues to fascinate me but it wasn't until I was 16 or so that I realised that what I created could not just excite me but inspire others.

My path to this point feels a long one but by simply choosing the subjects at school that I loved I was able to excel. However, it wasn’t until I started life at college that I discovered exactly where this was - a life in design and creative media.

My education turned a massive corner at 16 and the last 18 months have been a whirl wind of learning and discovery. I have developed many skills and the experience of creating my own documentary, a mini horror film, a stop motion advert and a 2D Flash animated ident has brought out the very best in me. I have learned the importance of good research and planning, how to effectively operate a camera, how to approach and work with different people and how to evaluate my work and the work of others. I've managed to get in front of, and interview, a marketing director from P&O cruises and a real life survivor and hero from the sinking of the cruise ship Oceanos. I've learned off my own back how to use Photoshop, After Effects, Flash and Dreamweaver and thanks to Lynda.com I've started to learn and experiment with Cinema 4D.

In addition, I've been able to gain some solid industry work experience through voluntary, paid and educational opportunities. I was commissioned by a climbing centre to make a promotional film and recently I filmed and edited a mini movie for a colleague which she entered into a competition in support of raising funds for a charitable cause. Both of these pieces are in my portfolio which has been my other big project outside college - building my own web site.

Everything new I discover at college I want to do more of.

Outside of college life is busy and since the age of nine I have been a keen climber. More than just an interest climbing for me developed into a full blown commitment, training and competing in local and national competitions. At the age of 14 I gained a place in an elite London-based youth squad and in 2010 became the British Mountaineering indoor youth champion for London and the South East. Since, I have become an instructor and coach and have had paid employment at Bournemouth University and at Queen Elizabeth Leisure Centre in Wimborne where I work now. I also volunteer in developing young climbers at a climbing squad at Calshot in Southampton. Other hobbies and interests include skiing, water skiing, music composition, longboarding and of course outdoor climbing where I climb regularly throughout the UK and Europe.

Ten years from now I’d love to be running my own multimedia business. I imagine the path between now and then will involve a lot of hard work, perseverance, courage and determination. However with my experiences so far I know the fun, the pride and the achievement will make it all worthwhile. I am a perfectionist and will persevere with a project when it's hard or not going well, knowing the satisfaction in the finished product and everything I do is adding to my own personal showreel and my future.

My life and soul is in my portfolio.